Traveling To France: Must Go To La Louvre

Have you ever been to France? Well, it is a good tourist place, visiting the Eiffel Tower is one of the most important places everyone would prefer to go, but it is not the end. France is a place of many historic monuments, which have been there for a long period of time. These all historic monuments are in the possession of a museum, La Louvre. Well, it is really amazing that the place which holds the possession of these monuments is itself a very old piece of architecture. It is known that La Louvre is the world’s largest museum which is the central landmark of Paris city. It was said that this museum exhibits over 30000+ pre historic monuments every year. This museum was inaugurated on 1973; it presented all the paintings of the church in its first exhibition. This place was started by Phillip II around the 12th century.

this is an image of the louvre museum in france

La Louvre Now in the 21st century

As the time has passed, this museum had expanded and now it holds possession over 300000+ historic items. The museum has eight different departments which show all forms of pre historic art. At every exhibition, the primary objects are paintings, sculptures and numerous archaeologist research. It is strange that this place did charge an entry fee from its visitors but after a protest against this activity by the archaeologist this fee was revoked. After that all the entries in the museum are free.

This place holds a possession on some controversial monuments and historic remains seized by Napoleon I and the remains of the World War II. But instead of all these controversies, Louvre organize the best exhibition of historic monuments. Some artifacts that are presented in the exhibition are.

1.Venus de Milo –  This is an ancient Greek sculpture also known as Aphrodite of Milos. It was created around 100 BC. This sculpture is known as the Greek goddess of love and beauty. This sculpture is fully made of marbles.

this is an image of venus de milo in france louvre museum

2. Dying Slave – This sculpture is the one generated from the Italian Renaissance. It was created in the year 1513 to 1516. This sculpture depicts the slavery going in Italy at the time Renaissance.

3. Ship of fools – This is a painting which was made in the year 1500, this painting is not fully possessed by the Louvre some of its parts are held at Yale University. That other part is known as the Allegory of Gluttony.

4. Oath of the Horatii – This is a painting of a French artist that was created in the year 1784. This painting shows the scenario of the Roman Empire where two Rome cities are fighting with each other.

5. Bacchus – This is also a painting of the Italian Renaissance, which shows the image of John the Baptist, in the late 17th century.

Why Visit La Louvre

It can be said that if you are a lover of prehistoric work and want to visit a place where it all is present, then there is only one place to go: La Louvre. The reasons to prove it as the best tourist place are:

  1. It is free of charge to go and visit the museum and see the prehistoric work of previous artists.
  2. The work of late centuries and the work of the Before Christ (B.C.) time can be observed.
  3. Different latest researches of French archaeologist can be observed and people can learn about their culture.
  4. This museum shows the works of fine artist and the main ancient sculptures can be a great example of this fine work.

These reasons can assure you the great time you can have in the Louvre museum, you will be able to learn more and more about the prehistoric era and their creations. So, it is great if you can visit this museum.

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