The Vatican Museums in Vatican City, Italy

Pope Julius II founded these museums in the 16th century; this consists of world’s greatest art collections. This museum has lots going on into it. This place is perfect for anyone seeking art and in the deepest manner can find this place really amusing.

this is an image of the Palazzo Apostolico Vaticano vatican museum


The museum has insanely well-decorated halls and Palazzo Apostolico Vaticano’s galleries. This complex consists majorly of two places i.e. The Vatican Museum and the 15th-century Palazzetto di Belvedere and they are both joined together by two galleries. The inside of the courtyard consists of the Cortile della Biblioteca, the Cortile della Biblioteca, the Cortile della Pigna and it is really very hard to get through all of them in a single day, therefore, trying to choose what interests pay off.  A major problem with the museum is that the exhibits are poorly labeled and hiring an audio guide or a guidebook for the museum becomes a necessity. Everything other than that is attention seeking as well as delighting altogether.

Although it needs work, they are taking the steps to renovate the building. They’ve since hired to open up the hallways a little more and provide a little more room to walk around in the building. Everything other than that is attention seeking as well as delighting altogether.

Why Should You Visit It?

Happy places like The Vatican museum do not compromise when it comes to providing facilities for disabled and this place does that by arranging free wheelchairs which can be availed from Special Permit desk.

There is a lot to experience inside of this place and easy for many to miss some of the major artistic works by really great people from the past. 

A list of all the major places to visit will help you not miss any.

  • Pinacoteca
  • Museo Chiaromonti and Braccio Nuovo
  • Museo Pio Clementino
  • Egyptian Museum
  • Museo Gregoriano Etrusco
  • Map Gallery
  • Stanze di Raffaello
  • Sistine Chapel

this is an image of sistine chapel one of the best vatican museum

Well, this is simply it for the majority but never forget there is always so much more to explore everywhere in this universe. What more can be done is picking what interests you the most and tries to create a personal list of places in the museum to visit; this will result in getting the most of the trip with no disappointments and regrets for your end.


The museum is extremely rich when it comes to a painting by the world’s greats and if art is your thing then a must visit the place. There is so many for anyone after you get there you will not notice how the time flows so fast before you know it is time to move out, and after that, you will obviously want to visit again the next day as it is really huge to complete in a single day. After the lights are turned down, such a beautiful place can turn to a perfect museum where you will not want to spend your night. Thanks to our community of art lovers that place as such still is alive and will always be for anyone to get intrigued.

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