The Acropolis Museum in Athens, Greece!

The Acropolis Museum is a creation by Bernard Tschumi with Michael Photiadis, created to exhibit the findings from the sacred rock and its infamous foothills. This museum was completed in the year 2009 and inaugurated by the creator architects by themselves.

What Can You Find in the Museum?

Here is a briefing of where’s what in the museum and since the museum is a great place to learn and explore, this place won’t disappoint you as well. Starting with your entrance on the ground floor you will find the first thing which is Gallery of the Slopes of the Acropolis, it is as beautiful as it gets and consists of sanctuaries established on the slopes of Acropolis and the everyday use articles/objects used by ancient Athenians.

this is an image of the acropolis museum

Archaic Gallery

The naturally lit Archaic Gallery is a charmer in itself, it is tall and beautiful. On the first floor’s east and south sections you will find great sculptures from the first ancient temples in Acropolis. This gallery has more than what can be described in words and one has to only witness such things.

Parthenon Gallery

The third floor culminates museum’s exhibition, in the glass encased Parthenon Gallery. This gallery also consists of many ancient sculptured depicting many things which are mind enriching and comes with many surprises. The architectural thoughts are well noticed by anyone actually interested. This gallery packs many things in accordance with the Acropolis with relief representation of Greek mythology on marble surfaces. The third floor is a complete beauty in itself, the past adds to its beauty making is a breath taking the experience with the gods on the floor.

this is a picture inside the acropolis museum


After visiting the Parthenon Gallery, one can simply move back to the first floor for the tour to come to its end but not so fast. The first floor also packs a series of construction work completed later after the Parthenon and is really worth to witness which are The Erechtheion, the Propylaea and the Temple of Athena Nike. One can find a lot more when moving towards the north wing on the first floor which has a number of classical sculpture and also their Roman copies, reliefs, reliefs based sculptures and portraits, and the cherry at the end which are the works from the end of antiquity and the fresh Byzantine period.

This museum is mostly about the beautiful and rich past of Acropolis which also plays a major part in the history of Greece with many exceptions. Anyone visiting the museum as such is entitled to witness nothing seen before and totally irresistible. This museum is like an artwork and a vision of really artistic architects who did a marvelous job at bringing a thought to life and spread the knowledge with anyone is willing to think deep into the past when visiting any museum.


This Museum is an excellent choice for making this new generation learn past as it is beautiful and deep. A lot can be learned from such places and this place can be a brilliant choice for school visits as well as anyone interested in past.

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