Traveling To France: Must Go To La Louvre

Have you ever been to France? Well, it is a good tourist place, visiting the Eiffel Tower is one of the most important places everyone would prefer to go, but it is not the end. France is a place of many historic monuments, which have been there for a long period of time. These all historic monuments are in the possession of a museum, La Louvre. Well, it is really amazing that the place which holds the possession of these monuments is itself a very old piece of architecture. It is known that La Louvre is the world’s largest museum which is the central landmark of Paris city. It was said that this museum exhibits over 30000+ pre historic monuments every year. This museum was inaugurated on 1973; it presented all the paintings of the church in its first exhibition. This place was started by Phillip II around the 12th century.

this is an image of the louvre museum in france

La Louvre Now in the 21st century

As the time has passed, this museum had expanded and now it holds possession over 300000+ historic items. The museum has eight different departments which show all forms of pre historic art. At every exhibition, the primary objects are paintings, sculptures and numerous archaeologist research. It is strange that this place did charge an entry fee from its visitors but after a protest against this activity by the archaeologist this fee was revoked. After that all the entries in the museum are free.

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The Acropolis Museum in Athens, Greece!

The Acropolis Museum is a creation by Bernard Tschumi with Michael Photiadis, created to exhibit the findings from the sacred rock and its infamous foothills. This museum was completed in the year 2009 and inaugurated by the creator architects by themselves.

What Can You Find in the Museum?

Here is a briefing of where’s what in the museum and since the museum is a great place to learn and explore, this place won’t disappoint you as well. Starting with your entrance on the ground floor you will find the first thing which is Gallery of the Slopes of the Acropolis, it is as beautiful as it gets and consists of sanctuaries established on the slopes of Acropolis and the everyday use articles/objects used by ancient Athenians.

this is an image of the acropolis museum

Archaic Gallery

The naturally lit Archaic Gallery is a charmer in itself, it is tall and beautiful. On the first floor’s east and south sections you will find great sculptures from the first ancient temples in Acropolis. This gallery has more than what can be described in words and one has to only witness such things.

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The Vatican Museums in Vatican City, Italy

Pope Julius II founded these museums in the 16th century; this consists of world’s greatest art collections. This museum has lots going on into it. This place is perfect for anyone seeking art and in the deepest manner can find this place really amusing.

this is an image of the Palazzo Apostolico Vaticano vatican museum


The museum has insanely well-decorated halls and Palazzo Apostolico Vaticano’s galleries. This complex consists majorly of two places i.e. The Vatican Museum and the 15th-century Palazzetto di Belvedere and they are both joined together by two galleries. The inside of the courtyard consists of the Cortile della Biblioteca, the Cortile della Biblioteca, the Cortile della Pigna and it is really very hard to get through all of them in a single day, therefore, trying to choose what interests pay off.  A major problem with the museum is that the exhibits are poorly labeled and hiring an audio guide or a guidebook for the museum becomes a necessity. Everything other than that is attention seeking as well as delighting altogether.

Although it needs work, they are taking the steps to renovate the building. They’ve since hired to open up the hallways a little more and provide a little more room to walk around in the building. Everything other than that is attention seeking as well as delighting altogether.

Why Should You Visit It?

Happy places like The Vatican museum do not compromise when it comes to providing facilities for disabled and this place does that by arranging free wheelchairs which can be availed from Special Permit desk.

There is a lot to experience inside of this place and easy for many to miss some of the major artistic works by really great people from the past. 

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Smithsonian Institution: A Good Place To Visit

this is a picture of the smithsonian insitution good place to visit

The majority of people are interested to know about different cultures and eras. History has played an important role to indulge archaeologist in researching great extractions from our surroundings. These historical items are kept under various museums and treated with proper supervision. Tourists can visit these museums to know more about the history and archaeological research. The best place to learn about these historical items is the Smithsonian Institution. This institution is situated at Washington D.C., USA.

This place was built on 1846 with the purpose of collecting various arts, historical items and researching about their origin. The current status says that this Institute holds possession over 154 million historical items. This institute is consists of museums, research centers, and zoological parks. The institution has many affiliated branches spread over America; all of them serve the same purpose.

The Collections present at the Museum  The Institute has a collection of overall 150 millions of historical items including artifacts, digital records and archival material within its boundaries. These all items are tied within the copyright of the institution. The Institute has a collection of overall 150 millions of historical items including artifacts, digital records and archival material within its boundaries. These all items are tied within the copyright of the institution.

The major items of these collections are as follows.

1. Axelrod Quartet

The Axelrod quartet is a combination of four most prestigious music instruments held under the possession of Smithsonian Institution. This quartet comprises of two violins, one viola, and one cello.

2. Crystal Skull

The crystal skull is an artifact which looks similar to a human skull but it is made of rock crystals. This artifact is the work a Columbian artist.

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