Art Baca Raton, U.S.A, The Famous Art Show

Art Boca Raton is an annual five-day art show that is famous for showcasing emerging art, contemporary art, photography, sculpture, and works on paper. The event’s organizers, Next Level Fairs are also responsible for the putting together of Art Palm Beach. The art fair’s previous have since proven to be a huge success as evidenced by the International galleries exhibition. Set against a backdrop of cultural diversity and a sprawling local population, Art Boca Raton has received widespread acclaim from the media, art enthusiasts, and its organizers as well.

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Art In Boca Raton

The City of Boca Raton boats a proud and rich history in the arts as evidenced by the numerous galleries, art festivals, and art-inspired landscape and architecture. The Boca Raton Museum of Art has been described as “ a cultural gem” that inspires pride and admiration in the larger South Florida area and beyond. Boca Raton, best known for its white sandy beaches, marine parks, and golf causes, has been rated as the best small city to start a business in the United States. In the financial sense, Boca Raton is Florida’s wealth management and banking capital.

The city is the ultimate go-to destination for art lovers and collectors both globally and in the United States. Boca Raton’s Festival of the Arts, adds onto an already established appreciation for art and culture. The festival, much like Art Boca Raton, entails appearances from top figures in the world of art and music. The net effects realized from the interaction of the arts with the city’s landscape, architecture and population have been, enriching to the city residents’ way of life and experiences.

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Celebration Of The Arts

Art Boca Raton is by part and large a celebration of the arts, bringing together stakeholders, artists, enthusiasts, and collectors. As has been the norm in previous editions of the art show, pieces exhibited touch on various societal and cultural issues. Imagination is let loose in the art, and the result is often a picture of the human soul’s colors and expressions that can be in no other way or form realized. Music as an art form is part and parcel the entire Art Boca Raton experience.

The entire aim of the art fair is to showcase important art from both the 20TH and the 21ST centuries. On its third installation, Art Boca Raton aims to attract even more artists, curators, collectors and corporate presences.


Strategic Partners

Several components go into the success of an art event. Art Boca Raton’s success in previous years can be attributed to meticulous planning, strategic partnerships with the city’s authorities, corporate partners and art institutions. The Boca Raton Museum and Boca Raton Children’s Museum are perhaps the two largest purveyors of art in the city. In conjunction with numerous other individuals, both local and international, various astounding works of contemporary and emerging genres of art are set to grace the five-day event. For any art enthusiast bent on indulging in unadulterated, raw art, Boca Raton is definitely the place to be.

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